LEGO Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder (75100)

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Product Description

LEGO Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder Set

With the LEGO Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder Set, you can recreate a fantastical snowy adventure from your favorite Star Wars movie. The snowtroopers are on guard and watching for any rebel forces that might pass through their frozen tundra. When the enemy is seen, the First Order soldiers jump into their vehicle, one manning the stud shooter for precise blasts. It rolls into action with its hidden wheels, making it look as if the Snowspeeder is really hovering. Before the enemy can escape, the troopers use the rapid-fire shooters to stop them. Countless battle scenes and adventures in a galaxy far, far away can be had with this 444-piece LEGO set.

Product Highlights

  • Drive the enemy back with the First Order Snowspeeder
  • Man the stud shooter and get ready to fire at all who oppose the dark side
  • Hidden wheels make the vehicle look as if it’s really floating
  • Rotate the engines and shoot with the rapid-fire shooters
  • 444 LEGO pieces for all-day Star Wars fun

What’s Included

  • First Order Snowspeeder: storage compartment, cockpit-mounted stud shooter, rapid-fire shooters and hidden wheels
  • Two First Order snowtrooper mini figures
  • First Order snowtrooper officer mini figure
  • Two blasters
  • Modified blaster


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